7 Tips for Your Engagement Photo Session

In this guide, I’ll help with tips for your engagement photo session in seven steps! But first off, congratulations on your engagement! Knowing your partner is the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with is an amazing feeling. Feeling secure in your future with them is nothing short of ooey-gooey loveliness! Engagement photos should be treasured as much as your wedding or elopement photos. I believe in this because it’s an opportunity for the couple and the photographer to vibe together. This is most likely going to be your wedding/elopement photographer as well. The engagement photo session should feel like a fun date – feeling super comfortable and confident in front of the lens. Here are some helpful tips to prepping your session; from what to wear to where to go! Thus, the seven things to keep in mind for the session are below.

Choosing the Right Location

This will set up the scene for how the engagement photos will feel and look! Consider the aspects of what the location will look like: skyscrapers that emulate the city couple you thrive in, or a forest filled with tall aspen trees to show off the adventurous couple you are. Read on for more tips for your engagement photo session.


Depending on your location, of course, activities can and are highly suggested for your engagement photos. This can be simple like bringing a picnic with some wine and charcuterie board. Or this can be extravagant like going in a hot-air balloon! If that seems too extra, a bottle of champagne is never a let-down! As I mentioned before, these engagement photos should feel like a fun date! Have some fun with it!

What to Wear

Picking out an outfit can be intimidating, but don’t stress too much on this. With the other elements mentioned above with the locations and activities, it should narrow down whether to be fancy or casual. Pinterest is amazing to check out and scroll for ideas. If you are unsure of what to wear, bring an extra outfit or shirt. Your photographer can also help coordinate this if you’re feeling unsure. Another thing to consider is staying away from patterns that are very busy and/or small. This usually causes too much in the photograph taking the attention away from you as the couple being featured! Lastly, make sure your colors don’t match the scenery. A green outfit won’t pop in a forest with pine trees, or a white won’t look good in a snowy setting. Take a look at what is recommended!

Indoors or Outdoors

Your ideal engagement can take place indoors or outdoors. Of course, this all plays into where you’re going for the location. If you’re the type of couple that loves playing video games and watching Netflix, indoors seems the perfect setting for you. Also, if your Saturday consists of hiking or exploring nature, going outdoors is ideal for you! “Feel” the difference between the two below!

Seasonal Tips

Continuing on with tips for your engagement photo session, having a winter engagement session is going to be different than a summer engagement. If you’re unsure of when to book your engagement photo session, try the opposite season of your big day. Go for what you both are most comfortable with. This should speak volumes about who you are! See the difference below between winter and summer.


Engagement photos are perfect for sending out those save-the-dates! This is recommended for your guests to receive at least 6 months in advance. This way they can plan around work schedules and book airfare and stay. Engagement photos can add clues to your guests. The location and/or activities give away the vibes your guests should expect on the big day! For example, if the wedding is going to be a garden party, the engagement photos could take place at a local botanic garden! Here are some examples of including the date in your photos, too!

Bringing Pets

Is your pet like your child? Bring them! Pets are the best accessory to your photos and add lots of personality as well. Double-check with your location and your photographer to make sure your pets are allowed. Some parks do allow dogs but need to be on leash at all times. Indoor locations might not allow pets unless they are service dogs. Take a look at these paw-cuties for engagement pictures!

To plan the perfect engagement photo session shouldn’t be overwhelming, let your photographer help plan this. Let them know what you like to do for fun and your photographer can come up with great suggestions!

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